Are You Ready to be a Professional Software Engineer?

Did you just graduate from a coding bootcamp, obtain a CS degree, or built an involved side project? How do you know when you’re ready to write software professionally?

This post is a collection of resources I’ve found or made that will help you on your job search. There are many questions to answer that are specific to your situation and what you’re looking for. Are you trying to work front end, back end, or both? Would you prefer to be at a startup, an agency, or a larger company?

Once you know the answers to these and more questions, there are many roads to finding job opportunities that are a fit for you. It’s ultimately up to you to decide your path and these resources can help clarify it.

Career-related posts on this site

I’ve written a number of posts that go into some of my experiences starting my tech career and the decisions that went into it.

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A “curriculum” of sorts / links to external posts


Developer Roadmaps

Behavioral questions

13 Common Technical Interview Questions (With Tips and Example Answers) |

Most Common Technical Interview Questions

Technical questions

  • Code Review - If someone were reviewing your code, what would you like them to address? What are the most effective ways to deliver feedback?
  • Pair Programming - Do you feel comfortable pairing with another developer? This could be whiteboarding and discussing ideas or coding out loud on a given problem.

Past projects

  • Did the project have a significant scope? Did it solve a unique need or were you following a tutorial?
  • Did you write TESTS?

Networking - what’s effective?

Other Resources