2020 Resolutions and Reviewing the Decade

I really enjoy reflecting on the past year during the holidays. If I get a chance to do this, I come up with New Years resolutions afterwards. Some years I go through a somewhat involved process of going through my journal entries and coming up with the best realizations.

This year, my girlfriend wanted to try Marie Forleo’s recommendation of reviewing the past decade. We went through the exercises together and shared a majority of our writings with each other. During the process I realized that it’s been quite a formative decade!

The 2010s

  • I released a solo album
  • I changed careers and have been working professionally as a JavaScript Developer
  • I learned how to be a more positive communicator
  • I’m more truthful about what I like and dislike - I don’t need to please others before myself

2020 Resolutions (and beyond)

  • Abandon perfection - prioritize and ship projects without getting bogged down
  • Declutter my office so that I can focus better
  • Do more fun things, work a little less, and exercise
  • Take care of my mental health
  • Let go of the idea that I’m not good enough

These exercises are really worth doing

During the process of working on these exercises, it dawned on me just how awesome it would’ve been if I had set up these guideposts for myself in 2010.

I can’t recommend doing these exercises enough. Check them out 👉 https://www.marieforleo.com/2019/12/decade-in-review-10-year-plan/