About Songmind Studios

In 2016, I decided to start my own brand of music education. I took the role of music coach, agent, and collaborator. The student and I would write and record music together to integrate learning and creativity in a holistic way.

While I’ve suspended these services for the foreseeable future, I’m posting are the core concepts and aims of Songmind Studios. I’ll eventually make all my teaching resources available on this site.

Why I created SongMind Studios

I’ve met so many people that have been unable to finish their songs or want to be much further along in their guitar and general musical abilities. They’ve tried taking e-courses, watching free videos, and studying with teachers that don’t seem to help. What I find sets great programs and teachers apart is their ability to help students learn to generate and refine spontaneously created music.

Having graduated from a prestigious conservatory, I know exactly what you get and don’t get from that type of education. For the $200,000+ price tag, there’s very little emphasis on creating and producing original music and many other practical, creative skills necessary to be a musician today.

After graduating in 2007, I began the journey of finding out what it means to be a professional musician. I taught music full-time. I joined and freelanced in dozens of bands. I wrote and recorded albums - making tons of mistakes and learning from them. Over this formative period, I discovered what really works and have refined my teaching style, techniques, and philosophy. Now, I always show my students how to apply what they learn to their music. We create custom-tailored programs in guitar, songwriting, recording, and more.

This is why I created SongMind Studios - which I believe is the best format to guide those to finding their own unique expressive voice. Studying here, you will become an excellent and unique performer because you’ll gain skills that are cultivated by writing and recording original music. You can finally become the authentic and creative musician you aspire to be without disappointment or college debt.

Become the creative musician you want to be.

Do you have incomplete songs that you’ve been unable to finish? Do you feel like you could be further along in your guitar and general musical abilities? Are you dissatisfied with the eCourses, books, DVDs, or teachers you’ve studied with?

At SongMind Studios, we always apply what you learn to your music. Together, we create custom-tailored programs in guitar, songwriting, recording, and more. Every curriculum topic we teach is on the level of any top-notch music conservatory. Do you want to see your guitar playing abilities skyrocket? Do you want to learn how to write your own music or complete your unfinished album? Regardless of what program you choose, our aim is to guide you to becoming the authentic and creative musician you aspire to be.



Guitar and theory mastery. Perfect your technique and make any style your own.

Whether it’s modern jazz, classical, folk, metal, or rockabilly, we’ve got you covered. We’ll help you build a solid technical foundation and be able to incorporate this into melodic playing, rhythm, and improvised lead guitar.

Solve the mysteries of the fretboard.

Gain a deep understanding of the guitar fretboard by studying our unique approach to the CAGED system. Improve your notation and TAB reading skills. Understand how to apply scales, modes, arpeggios, and modulation principles to any chord progression.

Get insights into your learning style.

Find out how you can learn faster, remember the concepts you study, and grow as a player exponentially. You’ll benefit from our years of experience teaching and know yourself better as a result of being interviewed and constant support.


  • Right and Left Hand Technique
  • Posture and Warmups
  • Practicing Effectively
  • Rhythm and Strumming
  • Advanced Lead Guitar
  • Fretboard Mastery
  • Reading Music
  • Arranging
  • Music Theory and Modes
  • Ear-training
  • Improvisation and Phrasing
  • Equipment
  • Learning from the Masters
  • Confidence and Mastery


Discover what inspires you.

Become a songwriter with a powerful message. Release your debut album. Destroy songwriting roadblocks forever and connect to your deepest creative self. We show you how to transform your life stories into songs and take your compositions to the next level.

Learn every aspect of recording, songwriting, and production.

Make your rhyme schemes better and your choruses stronger. Learn exactly how to capture the perfect take. Arrange your songs for maximum effect on the listener. Gain the versatility to understand how to use sample libraries and any music-creation software.

We help turn your song ideas into reality.

Learn how to create a website, logo design, your artist name, and image. We’ll help you promote your music releases on our sites.


  • Melody and Harmony
  • Lyrics
  • Form
  • Creative Exercises
  • Music History / Analysis
  • Instrumentation / Arranging
  • Recording Basics
  • MIDI
  • Microphone Placement
  • Sample Libraries
  • Live Sessions
  • Editing
  • Mixing
  • Promotion / Music Business

The SongMind Academy Program

This program is designed for the focused and motivated student of music. Through a powerful insight interview session (phase 1 of the audition), we’ll discover what creative themes you’d like to explore and develop. Every week while you’re in the program, you’ll be coached for up to 2 hours by our experts. You’ll be given structured assignments and held accountable for your work. While you’re learning on the level of a conservatory in your lessons, we’ll be working on your single, EP, or album. It will get the constant, hands-on attention it deserves from our creative team to have it delivered when you want it.

This is an incredibly valuable music creation opportunity for a fraction of the price of attending a conservatory or recording studio costs!

Individually-tailored lessons in guitar, songwriting, recording, and production

Through one-on-one coaching over Skype, Facetime, or JamKazam, we create a powerful custom curriculum:

  • Go to the highest levels of technique, repertoire, and improvisation ability on the guitar.
  • Learn tried-and-true lyric writing, composition, and arranging techniques for endless musical inspiration.
  • Move beyond the “demo” and into the world of production by learning principles of acoustics and microphone placement

Performances by World-Class Musicians

  • Your fully produced song will be realized by the top-performing musicians affiliated with SongMind
  • Top-notch electronic samples and sounds to make your song radio-ready
  • Hear your compositions the way they were meant to be heard without hassles

Artist branding, website, and promotion

  • Receive valuable promotional advice and help with building a brand / logo
  • We’ll help you build a beautiful, modern website
  • Your songs, video, and website will be promoted on the SongMind Studio sites and social media

The Insight Audition

Discover even more about yourself in an audition unlike any you’ve ever had before.

Step 1: The “insight interview.” Via phone or live conferencing, we’ll have a conversation designed to provoke deep thought and contemplation into who you are as a musician. Many song ideas have come from these interview questions!
Step 2: Show and Tell - You share a favorite song with us and we analyze its theoretical aspects and break it down into its formal components for reference when we write songs together. You may also share a composition and we can discuss how to finish the song or how to produce it.
Step 3: Listening Test - You listen to a song chosen by us to analyze the components discussed in #2.
Step 4: Performance - You perform a piece of music that demonstrates your proficiency on your instrument.
Step 5: Studio Test - You are given the task of laying down a rhythm and lead part in a studio recording setting.
Step 6: Assignment - You will be given the task of completing a surprise assignment in 48 hours or less

Many have found the insights gained from the insight audition alone to be a transformative musical experience.