Comparing JavaScript Test Runners


This post is a pointer to an article I completed recently - a comprehensive comparison of the AVA, Jest, Mocha, and mocha-parallel-tests JavaScript test runners.

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Why is it on GitHub, not this blog?

Not only does the repo contain the comparison article, I created a node application to generate the speed metrics in the article. The process looks like this:

  • There is a make-tests command that generates a number of identical tests for each test runner. The tests take the length of time that a test suite of an average large codebase would take
  • The test-all command will run the tests and time the output of each one. The order of the runners is shuffled every time to remove any ordering bias
  • A report is generated at the end that shows how long each test runner took to run the test suite.

See the repo and documentation.

Article Preview

Three test runners have risen far above the rest as the most popular choices of JavaScript test runners:

  • AVA
  • Jest
  • Mocha

*We’ll also be exploring a wrapper for Mocha called mocha-parallel-tests.

The immediate practical goal of this article is to help you choose a JavaScript testing framework. My aim is to address the following questions:

How does one choose the right testing framework for their use case? What criteria should one base their decision on?

In order to do this, we’ll explore some general principles regarding both testing frameworks and testing in general. Then, after outlining the criteria for evaluating the frameworks, we can explore them in detail…

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